George Putong

LinkedIn: Pages Toolkit Videos

Concept, Writing, and Product Marketing. This is one of three explainer videos I produced as part of a larger LinkedIn Pages Toolkit. It was used as both product marketing and as a promotional video encouraging members to download the toolkit. The toolkit was leveraged by global counterparts. I worked with one of our favorite Sydney-based agencies.

NBCUniversal: Syfy Asia Sizzle Reel

Concept, Writing, and Video Editing. Leaning on my time as a TV producer, here is one of favorite edits. It’s a sizzle reel for Syfy Asia. The promo was on-air in Southeast Asia and promoted upcoming titles on the network. Working on this was a dream: fun materials (read: a lava-spitting giant tarantula), great sound engineer, and a flying shark.

Bekpackr Episode 19 – My Typical Weekend in Singapore

Video Blog. I want to keep my video storytelling and editing skills sharp. Here’s an example of an episode I filmed which documents how a typical weekend looks like for me in Singapore.

LinkedIn: Lead Generation Strategy Tackle Box (E-Book)

Copywriting, Content and Digital Marketing. This is the first e-book I worked on together with my cross-functional partner in client solutions. I recall grabbing a beer to celebrate the day it got launched. It’s an e-book about how to improve the quality of leads that marketers fight to catch. It features guides on how to optimise marketing campaigns within the LinkedIn ecosystem. This involved partnering with a design agency.

LinkedIn: The State of Sales 2019 APAC Reports (E-Books)

Copywriting, Content and Digital Marketing. The State of Sales is an annual report under LinkedIn Sales Solutions. In 2019, our team received the first localised APAC data cut from the surveys. That meant we were able to tailor-fit findings for our markets: Australia, India, and Singapore. I loved this project because I got to work closely with our field marketers. When writing the email copy, my Asia-Pacific dream came true when I got to use this line: whether you’re sipping on kopi C, chai tea, or iced latte…

Live with Marketers in India: The Great ROI Debate (Live Stream Program)

Writer, Producer, and Digital Marketer. I almost died with this one. But I live to tell. This was the fourth episode I worked on for the APAC edition of ‘Live with Marketers’ – a talk show of marketers interviewing marketers. Each of the four episodes I worked on were in different APAC cities. I liaised with local production crews, helped write and develop the run-of-show, and ran testing. Running a live stream for the first time in a city four different times was unnerving. But worth it. Success: First geo-targeted live stream in APAC using LinkedIn Live. More ‘Live with…’ examples below.

Live with Marketers in Shanghai: China, the Great Content Creators (Live Stream Program)

Producer and Digital Marketer. We filmed an episode in Shanghai, China on the back of a marketing conference. I managed the promotional aspect of this particular run. We had the CMO of Microsoft Greater China and HK as well as the marketing lead of PWC China as guest speakers. Being trained in branding, the off-brand green LinkedIn pillows were an eyesore. Otherwise, Kate did a fantastic job while she was over there.

George, thank you so much for leading the launch of Live With Marketers in India and making it truly exceptional. You weren’t here in person but not for one minute did I feel that I was by myself. Even the last minute date change did not deter you from giving it all you’ve got!

Nikhita, LinkedIn
Live with Marketers in Sydney: Bring Back That Lovin’ Feelin’ (Live Stream Program)

Producer and Digital Marketer. I take pride in the live streams produced for LinkedIn. These are big bets and I couldn’t have done it without the confidence and determination of my manager, Kate (who happens to be the show’s host). She was extremely supportive. This Sydney broadcast had over 101,000 video views after it launched. It also involved some of our good clients in Australia: Cisco, Macquarie Bank, and Optus.

LinkedIn: 5 Sales email templates that really work (E-Book)

APAC Localization and campaign launch. It’s a pocket guide for how to craft better emails for sales folks. This was one of our more widely successful campaign drops. I worked on localization for APAC. I also promoted this campaign through advertising on LinkedIn (Sponsored Content, InMail, Dynamic and Text Ads).

NBCUniversal: Ideator Launch

Filming and editing for fun. I had a blast working on this video. We were tasked to promote an upcoming ‘Ideator’ project where employees at NBCUniversal’s office in Singapore could brainstorm the next best thing. Hope you catch the surprise we installed in the middle of Tanjong Pagar.

NBCUniversal: Diva Loves Cooking (Video Shorts)

Filming and editing for food. This was one of three delectable videos we filmed in Kuala Lumpur for the Diva Loves Cooking mini-series. We featured three duos in KL — each happy to share their own recipes. This involved coordinating with our partners in Malaysia to identify couples to feature.

Travel Buddies: Baguio

(Magazine Article) Here’s an example of an article I wrote that got published in a magazine. A close friend is a esteemed managing editor in Manila and he gave me an opportunity to write for him. Baguio is the Philippines’ classic summer capital. It’s also home to the strawberry version of a Filipino favorite called ‘taho’. Published in ABS-CBN Maven.

Manila: The Way Rick Manzano Sees It

(Magazine Article) I enjoy interviewing people and being able to tell their story. One of my first examples of this is interviewing a Filipino blogger who manages to capture life in Manila. He has since retired from blogging and now makes better money in real estate. Published in Roam magazine.

E! News Asia: Jeannie Mai in Singapore

(News Video) One of my favorite things as a producer is being assigned to film people. We had Jeannie Mai in Singapore for the new season of How Do I Look? Asia. We caught up with her backstage in this quirky exclusive. She loves Singapore!

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions: LinkedIn Pages Toolkit

(Content Toolkit) We worked on the LinkedIn Pages Toolkit which is a combination of numerous assets: checklists, optimization guides, best practice examples, and videos. This served customers of LinkedIn Pages.

George helped deliver a number of key content and social initiatives that delivered significant benefits to our APAC business– for example, he helped launch the LMS Pages Toolkit which was globally leveraged, the LSS State of Sales 2019 report APAC, and in partnership with the CSM organization launched the Lead Gen Strategy Tackle Box.

Nico, LinkedIn
LinkedIn Marketing Solutions: Product Loop Video

(Marketing Content) Blurb here.

Bekpackr Episode 17 – Flying Business on Philippine Airlines

(Marketing Content) Blurb here..

Launch Asset: Wendy vs the World on E!

(Video Editing) One of my favorite promos.

E! News Asia – Interview with Xiaxue

(Video Editing) One of my favorite produced promos for Diva at NBCUniversal.

Storytelling: Last Hope with Troy Dunn

(Video Editing) One of my favourite promos.

I know how passionate you are about video, and I feel grateful that we are able to leverage your talent and passion for the benefit of LinkedIn! Thank you for being so open and collaborative, it’s an absolute pleasure to work with you!

Aarti, LinkedIn
Copywriting: Snapped Premiere

(Video Editing) One of my favorite produced promos for Diva at NBCUniversal.

Advertising Sales Partnership: Diva and Samsung Video

(Video Editing) Promo for Jurassic Park III on Diva.

Advertising Sales Partnership: Syfy and Resorts World Sentosa

(Video Editing) One of my favorite promos.

Advertising Sales Partnership: Diva and Fitbit

(Video Editing) One of my favorite produced promos for Diva at NBCUniversal.

Channel Partnership: Mediacorp okto and Legoland Malaysia

(Video Editing) Promo for Jurassic Park III on Diva.

Mediacorp okto Show Reel

(Video Editing) One of my favorite promos.

Mediacorp: okto Cup Launch

(Video Editing) One of my favorite produced promos for Diva at NBCUniversal.

Unboxing GoPro

(Video Editing) Promo for Jurassic Park III on Diva.

Review: Changi Recommends Pocket Wi-fi

(Video Editing) One of my favorite promos.

Filipino Dragons at the 12th SAVA Sprints International

(Video Editing) One of my favorite produced promos for Diva at NBCUniversal.

Without your help and support, there is no way we would have pulled off a live external broadcast from the Dublin office this week. Thank you SO much, it was a huge success with over 400 marketers tuning in live!

Grace, LinkedIn

Thank you for going above and beyond and helping Min and I with the LinkedIn User Group video for Manila. You helped out even though it was beyond your core job and made it look super professional. We couldn’t have done it without you and we are so so grateful!

Laura, LinkedIn

Huge congratulations on a successful Live Video stream in APAC. I was impressed with your level of communication with the production crew and was confident that [the director] was well briefed about the quality and run of show.

Kate, LinkedIn